Button Setup

Please use this page as a reference when you’re setting up your buttons for us to print. To place an order for buttons, please visit our custom button prices page.

Button Printing Art Requirements

Photoshop templates

Use our handy-dandy templates to create buttons that are easy for us to make, and look how you want them to. Look at the sidebar to the right for templates.

Bleed and image area

Buttons have a small image area and a fairly large bleed. This means that if you want your button image to go all the way to the edge of the paper, you need a lot of extra image that will mostly be wrapped around the edge of the button. Please take a look at these examples before you create your button.

If you want your button to look like this:

(note that the photo goes all the way to the edge of the button, and the band’s name is right in the center.)

The file you send us should look like this:

(note that there is a lot of extra image that you don’t see on the final product. This part will wrap around the sides of the button, and if you don’t include the extra fat around your image, you’ll end up with buttons that may look funny when they’re done.)

Tips for a great-looking button

please don't make us do this

The inner circle in a design like this might look a little crooked. It's best to avoid circles in your button design.

Circle designs: We get a lot of designs in that are rounded to the edges of the button. That’s okay, but it makes things really hard on us. We’re so into the quality of our final product that we throw tons of buttons away just because they’re a little bit off-center. A round border around your image, or text that’s supposed to wrap right around the edge of the button make us work twice as hard. Before you design a button that’ll be really hard to register, and will maybe look offcenter if you view it from the wrong angle, decide if you really need the extra roundness. Buttons are already round, and they do the job for you in a lot of cases.

Make it easy to read: Make sure that your button is easy to read if the goal is to get your band name or message out to the masses. The important text should be big enough to see from a couple of feet away. Super small text is cool, and there’s no law against it, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve regretted making my own buttons and having nobody able to read it unless they’re 3 inches from my lapel.

Accepted file formats

The best way to send us your file is to set it up using our templates and save it as a .tif file. We can also accept .gif, .eps, .ai and .jpg files, but you’ll really get best results with a .tif.

You can turn in your art in the following ways:

To send in files via the web please do it from our artwork upload area.

When emailing us a file please be sure you include all of your contact information so we can get back to you quickly if there are any problems. Also, be sure NOT to name your file something like “button.tif”or “pin-design.gif” we get a ton of artwork files every day and it is much easier to match your art with your order if you give your file a name like “the-spectacles-band-button.tif”.

Button templates and instructions

Once you’ve set your design up on our template, you should hide the template layer and submit a flattened .tif or high-quality .jpg file in greyscale.

Our products

We do three things, and we do them well. Custom vinyl stickers, buttons/badges with your logo and screen printed shirts.

Pick a product below to order some!

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