Django (the “D” is silent, and yes, it’s like Reinhardt)

django bohren
More of Django’s projects:
Viscocity Productions – web hosting geared towards bands – funny shirts, political stickers and novelty products – you send it, we shoot it – a small collection of dirty kids rhymes – zombie apparel and more – meat novelty products

Django Bohren is the owner of Seatthole Shirts. He’s probably the guy you’ve talked to on the phone about your t shirt screen printing order. Django has been in the design and printing business for nearly 15 years. He’s got many projects under his belt, and his fingers in many pies, but Seatthole is his primary source of excitement.

“I have two strange fetishes,” says Django, “The office supply aisle in Target, and making custom t shirts, one-inch buttons and vinyl bumper stickers for anyone and everyone who needs them. All of my other fetishes are pretty standard.”

Django is not the girl you see all over the Seatthole site. He’s also not the Elvis Presley look-a-like that you see all over the site.

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