Band shirts

band t-shirtcustom band shirtscustom printed shirt for band

We can print custom shirts that aren’t black too, you know!

Here are some ways we can help with your band shirts, bumper stickers and buttons!

  • Band Shirt Printing – Whether you’re going on tour or playing local shows, you should definitely have shirts. We can probably print more professionally and reliably than your bassist’s brother-in-law, PLUS we can get you shirts fast, cheap and with a smile. Need a place to start? Check out our package deals and sales on custom shirt printing!
  • Bumper Stickers – What kind of crazy band doesn’t want custom bumper stickers? We want to screen print some custom stickers for you so bad, we can almost taste the high-quality vinyl sticker stock. Save big with our 250- and 500-sticker deals!
  • Pins / Badges / Buttons – Give someone a button and they’ll put it on and start advertising your band immediately. If you can manage to SELL them a button (some people call them badges or pins), those same fans will start advertising your band immediately AND you’ll have a buck or two in your pocket!
custom band shirts

This guy is in a band called Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes. He obviously needs shirts.

Every band should sell or pass out free merch at their shows! It’s a great way to give your fans something they want, and to put a little money in that van fund you’ve been hiding from the drummer. Sell your shirts and buttons, give away your stickers!

We understand the need for your band to have custom shirts that are cheap with quick delivery and great service. Seatthole has been serving bands with custom shirts, vinyl bumper stickers (with screen printed band logos, of course), and buttons / pins / badges since 2001.

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