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custom sticker printing
Skip all this hype, show me the sticker prices

Custom stickers printed on vinyl are one of the best promotional tricks in the book. Whether you’re looking for custom band stickers, political bumper stickers or just a funny slogan to pass out to your friends, everybody loves giving and getting stickers.

Custom bumper stickers

Our custom bumper stickers are screen printed for better durability. They’ll last three to five years on the bumper of your car without fading.

Seatthole’s custom printed stickers use high-quality vinyl so they’ll last and last. You know that custom made sticker you did on sticker paper at Kinkos that rubbed off of your car after the first rain? Ours are WAY more durable and better suited for outdoor use.

We can also die-cut your designs. Please send us a file that includes the shape and size of your die cut to get a quote.

To learn more about our custom stickers, and die-cut sticker options check out our sticker FAQ.

Custom vinyl sticker packages

We also offer sticker package deals for large orders. If you have a whole bunch of stickers that use common colors, we can put them all on one big sheet of sticker vinyl and save you money.

Sticker package deals like this are about 12 inches by 18 inches, and have a minimum order of 100 sheets of sticker vinyl. Contact us if you think you have a large enough sticker order to run as a package deal.

Custom sticker setup help

If you’re not a professional designer, it can be hard to wrap your brain around the setup required for getting a high-quality print from the computer to a vinyl sticker. Never fear, we’re here to help! Check out our sticker setup page for all kinds of sticker design tips and setup rules.

Still stumped? Feel free to contact us for more help.

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