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Technical specs for custom sticker setup

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The best file format to send us is Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or earlier .eps files with outlined fonts. They’ll give you the best final product. If you don’t have access to Illustrator (Freehand and Corel will both export as Illustrator .eps files), a photoshop file with at least 300 pixels per inch at the final print size will work. 1200 pixels per inch will work even better. If you’re submitting a multi-color job, please make sure that you put each color on it’s own layer. Be sure that you leave a 3/16-inch (.1875) safety margin all the way around your sticker, or it may get messed up when we cut them. You can read more about margins and bleeds on our sticker setup page

The best black and white stickers are just that. Black and White. No gray tones in there. We have to put a pretty big halftone on any gray areas in your image, so the stickers may come back to you with unexpected results.

If you’re printing a one-color sticker that uses a lineart-only graphic, and you’re submitting a file made in photoshop, you’ll get great results by saving it as a 1200 dpi lineart .tif. I usually use the 50% threshold setting when you turn it into lineart. You can zip it down to almost nothing, and as long as your original file looks good, the stickers will turn out great!

Remember, we’re not magicians… BE SURE THAT THE FILE YOU SUBMIT IS AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE. If you give us garbage, your custom stickers will be garbage.

Vinyl Sticker Screen Printing Colors!

In the right-hand sidebar of this page, you can find the stock ink colors that we keep on hand for you to chose for your custom bumper stickers. You can hover over the swatch to see approximate Pantone color matches.

The PMS comparisons are not exact but they are close. If you require an exact match, you can pay an extra $30 and we will mix it for you

The color on your computer monitor may vary from an actual printed swatch book. We are not liable for your choice of color if you have not paid for an exact color match.


this shirt was printed by seatthole shirtsWhat is your turn around time?
Our turn around time from when we receive the art work and payment to when we ship is 3-4 weeks, sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower, depending on our work load. We do not guarantee sticker turnaround, but if you tell us your target date, we’re happy to let you know if it’s possible or not.

Can I get my stickers in less than two weeks?
Yes, but there is usually a rush fee, depending on how busy we are at the time of your order. Please contact us for more information.

Can I get my rush charge back if I decide I don’t need a rush?
Only if we have not started printing your job yet. If you need to cancel a rush order please do it immediately by way of phone not e.mail.

Can you ship to us at a club or venue?
Yes, but this can be sketchy due to the fact that not all clubs open before 4pm (UPS usually delivers before 4pm). We are not liable
for any delayed shipments or shipments that are not made because no one is there to receive them.

Can you ship stickers outside of the U.S.A.?
No. We only ship within the Continental US, Hawaii and Alaska.

Stickers and buttons can ship to APOs, but shirts only ship to physical addresses in the US.

How do you ship orders?
We ship all orders UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. Shipping time is around 1-5 days, depending on your location. We can also ship faster at an extra charge.

Do “working” days include Sat, Sun, or holidays?
No. The hard working Seatthole team needs a break every once in a while. We generally don’t work on Saturday or Sunday or even some holidays.

I don’t understand all these margins and bleeds. Can you help me?
Sure. We’re happy to help you out with your sticker dimensions. If you’re almost there, we can probably help you out for only $10.

Can I change or cancel my order?
As long as we have not started your job yet you can change or cancel. If we have made the films or have done any part of your job, you
will have to cover that cost if you change or cancel your order.

Are your stickers weatherproof?
Yes, the vinyl bumper stickers we print are top quality 3.5 mil. outdoor weatherproof vinyl with a 5-7 year average life expectancy. The inks we use do not smear, run, or fade in the sunlight.

Screen printed stickers are always better than roll stickers or stickers printed with the flexography method. While these other methods are fine for indoor only use or packaging the so called vinyl clear coat won’t protect these stickers from fading or deteriorating in the rain.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa/Mastercard, Discover and American Express, Paypal and checks or money orders in the mail. We do not recommend sending cash. We will feel bad for you, but we are not liable for cash lost in the mail. You can obviously pay in cash when placing your order in person.

Paypal is a secure credit cart authorizer and one of the biggest and safest on the internet. Our Paypal address is

What types of file formats and media do you accept?
We can accept MAC or PC format CDRs. You can also send us e-mails or use our FTP form for files up to 15 megs. We can accept Mac and PC files from Illustrator 8.0 and below, Photoshop 5.5 created at 300-600 DPI, .tif, .eps files created at 300-600 d.p.i., Quark 4.0 and below, Freehand 8 .eps and below. Art created at 72 dpi is appropriate for screen or internet display, but will look pixelated when printed. Please print your design out on a laser or ink jet printer to find out what your design will look like.

I think computers suck, how do I mail in art work?
Send us your art in an envelope. It’s a good idea to put a piece of cardboard in the envelope, and write DO NOT FOLD on your envelope so it doesn’t get bent. If you need a price on shipping, please contact us.

Can I email my design and send a check or money order in the mail?
Yes, but your order will be held until your check clears. Please enclose a printout of the art you e-mailed in with your payment so we know what art goes with your order.

Can I send extra money to buy all the hard working employees lunch and/or pinball games?
Yes, we all have mean Midieval Madness habits, and eat regularly.

I found a better deal at another print shop will you match their price?
Probably. Please fax us a written quote from the shop or point us to their online price list. This only goes for services matching
ours (ie., screen printed vinyl stickers, and t-shirts). While we want to offer you the best and most competitive prices we do not
guarantee that we will match prices. We are not a sweatshop and therefore will not match any prices of known sweatshops.

Do you have the fonts that I used on my sticker?
Most likely we don’t have them. We recommend converting all fonts to outlines (or curves) depending on the program used. This will
make the fonts able to be printed without the actual font files. You may send the font files in with your order, but outlining them is a MUCH more reliable process.

We recommend sending a hard copy proof in the mail or a .bmp, .jpeg, or .gif e-mailed to us of your sticker so we can double check that we have the right fonts.

All I want is our band/organization name on our stickers, can you do that for us?
Yes. We can do the design for you for $50/hour. If you just want very simple text, we’ll bill you at less than our normal half-hour minimum, and you can get out of the deal for $12.50. If it gets more complex, or we have to make a bunch of changes, you’ll be charged more.

I’m doing a 1 color design (not one of the black and white specials), but I want half my stickers/shirts with blue ink and half printed with red ink can I do that?
Yes, there is just a $20 fee per color switch.

Can you Print on the back of my sticker?
Yes, as long as it is on a bulk sticker order, the back print is charged as another color.

What colors of ink look good on colored vinyl?
Please see the colored vinyl section for more details.

Does black count as a color?
Yes, black counts as a color, unless you are printing on black vinyl.

Does white count as a color?
In most cases we print on white vinyl so it does not count as a color. If you want white on a colored vinyl then yes, it would count as a color.

I need a custom size sticker can you do that?
Yes, just give us a call or email for a quote. In most cases we can even do a custom size on the black & white and red & black small runs, give us a call or email and we’ll see what we can do for you.

I need a custom shaped sticker, can you do that?
Yes, just e.mail or fax us the shape you want and at the size you want. Include how many stickers, and number of colors. We’ll get you a quote in a day or two. There are fees for creating custom dies and die cutting which makes small orders of custom die cut stickers quite expensive.

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