Sticker Setup

Please use this page as a reference when you’re setting up your sticker for us to print.

Sticker Printing Art Requirements

Sticker margin, size and bleed tips

vinyl bumper sticker safety marginStickers with a Border: Stickers with a border should have at least 3/16th inch (.1875) border. Any less of a border and your sticker will probably result in your sticker not being evenly cut.

bleed requirements for custom stickers
Stickers with bleed (design that goes to the edge): Please create art with an 3/16th inch (.1875) bleed on all sides of stickers and include registration marks. By cutting through part of the design you don’t end up with a hairline of white vinyl around your sticker. The registration marks are so we know where to place your design on the sticker.

Reversal/Negative prints: Typicaly it looks better to print black ink on white vinyl than to print white ink on black vinyl, this is why
when you ask for white on black vinyl we will tell you to reverse the art or we can do it for you at no charge.

Reversal/Negative print tips:

  • Thin lines (less than 1pt) tend to fill in.
  • Serif fonts tend to fill in, try not to use them.
  • Font sizes under 8pt. tend to fill in.
  • Remember we will print your art exactly as you sent it unless you specifically ask us to make it a reverse!!!

Need help?: If you can’t get all the margins and bleeds down, send us what you’ve got we’ll help you out. As long as you’re close, we can probably tweak things for you for $10. But make sure you get us high-resolution files to work with. The better your artwork, the better our prints.

Accepted file formats

We can accept MAC or PC format CDRs. You can also send us e-mails or use our FTP form for files up to 15 megs. We can accept Mac and PC files from Illustrator 8.0 and below, Photoshop 5.5 created at 300-600 DPI, .tif, .eps files created at 300-600 d.p.i., Quark 4.0 and below, Freehand 8 .eps and below. Art created at 72 dpi is appropriate for screen or internet display, but will look pixelated when printed. Please print your design out on a laser or ink jet printer to find out what your design will look like.

You can turn in your art in the following ways:

To Send in files via the web please do it from our website upload are
When emailing us a file please be sure you include all of your contact information so we can get back to you quickly if there are any problems. Also, be sure NOT to name your file “sticker”or “tshirtdesign” we get a ton of art in every day and it is much easier to corralate your art with all you other information if you give your file a name such as
your band name.

via Web or email, CDRs, Zip Disks


stock sticker colors

On paper: Must have crop marks so we know how you want your design placed on the sticker. See our Sticker FAQ page for more info.

If you are using Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Freehand please
convert all fonts to outlines or curves.

Digital Files:
Illustrator .eps 8.0 or below: As long as the file was created in Illustrator (NOT PHOTOSHOP THEN PLACED IN FREEHAND or ILLUSTRATOR) there is no need for you to do separations. Please convert all fonts to outlines or curves and make sure that all of your colors are defined as spot colors.

Tif, PHOTOSHOP: Each color needs to be on a separate layer. this means if you have 3 colors there will only be 3 layers. We can do this for you if you do not know how at $25.00 per hour, please call us for a quote if you need. Please also remember to create your design at
300 dpi or higher, this is very important, anything lower than 300 dpi seriously compramises the sticker resolution (crispness). If your art is lineart, it’s best to save it as a 1200 dpi lineart graphic at the final size you want it to print and then save as a .tif and zip or stuff the file to email us.

Quark Files: While Quarke is a terrific layout tool for multipage documents it is not really recommended to create sticker or shirt designs in.


On Paper

  1. Photocopy must be good quality, nice and dark.
  2. Ink Drawing must be in black ink, it is a good idea to send a good photocopy of the original in to us, in case it gets lost in the mail.
  3. Computer Printout laser printers will give you the best quality and is the optimal way of printing out your design, ink jet printouts will work, but remember what you send us is what we print, so if it’s jagged or ugly, we can’t do too much about that.
  4. Multi color stickers need to have each color in black on on a separate piece of paper with registrarion/cut marks. This is so we know how to line up each color.

See our Sticker FAQ page for more info.

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