setting up your sticker files

Please use this page as a reference when you’re setting up your sticker for us to print.


The best file formats to send us are .pdf and Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or earlier .eps files with outlined fonts. They’ll give you the best final product. If you don’t have access to Illustrator, a Photoshop file with at least 300 pixels per inch at the final print size will work. 1200 pixels per inch will work even better. If you’re submitting a multi-color job, please make sure that you put each color on it’s own layer. Be sure that you leave a 3/16-inch (.1875) safety margin all the way around your sticker, or it may get messed up when we cut them. You can read more about margins and bleeds elsewhere on this page.

The best black and white stickers are just that. Black and White. No gray tones in there. We have to put a pretty big halftone on any gray areas in your image, so the stickers may come back to you with unexpected results.

If you’re printing a one-color sticker that uses a lineart-only graphic, and you’re submitting a file made in photoshop, you’ll get great results by saving it as a 1200 dpi lineart .tif. I usually use the 50% threshold setting when you turn it into lineart. You can zip it down to almost nothing, and as long as your original file looks good, the stickers will turn out great!

Remember, we’re not magicians… BE SURE THAT THE FILE YOU SUBMIT IS AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE. If you give us garbage, your custom stickers will be garbage.

Sticker margin, size and bleed tips

Reversal/Negative prints: Typicaly it looks better to print black ink on white vinyl than to print white ink on black vinyl, this is why when you ask for white on black vinyl we will tell you to reverse the art or we can do it for you at no charge.

Reversal/Negative print tips:

  • Thin lines (less than 1pt) tend to fill in.
  • Serif fonts tend to fill in, try not to use them.
  • Font sizes under 8 pt. tend to fill in.
  • Remember we will print your art exactly as you sent it unless you specifically ask us to make it a reverse!!!

Stock colors

We can print using any of these colors at no extra charge. If you want to use a custom color, we can do that for $30 per custom Pantone Coated color.

The PMS comparisons on our stock color list are not exact but they are close. If you require an exact match, you can pay an extra $30 and we will mix it for you.

The color on your computer monitor may vary from an actual printed swatch book. We are not liable for your choice of color if you have not paid for an exact color match.

Colors displayed on monitors can vary. We do not guarantee the colors shown to exactly match actual ink colors.

The Pantone PMS equivalents are a very close approximation of actual color. We do not guarantee that actual ink colors will be an exact match.

Custom Pantone Coated colors can be mixed to exact specs for $30 each.


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We're happy to answer all of your questions about custom printed shirts, stickers and buttons.

Margins and bleeds

Sticker margins.

Stickers with a Border: Stickers with a border should have at least 3/16th inch (.1875) border. Any less of a border and your sticker will probably result in your sticker not being evenly cut.

Sticker bleed.

Stickers with bleed (design that goes to the edge): Please create art with an 3/16th inch (.1875) bleed on all sides of stickers and include registration marks. By cutting through part of the design you don’t end up with a hairline of white vinyl around your sticker. The registration marks are so we know where to place your design on the sticker.

Need help?: If you can’t get all the margins and bleeds down, send us what you’ve got we’ll help you out. As long as you’re close, we can probably tweak things for you for $10. But make sure you get us high-resolution files to work with. The better your artwork, the better our prints.