Our favorite testimonial

it’s so glowing, we hesitated to put it up because it looks like we’re faking reviews (which we never do).

From the beginning I have been very happy with your attentiveness, casualness, and overall “let’s help out the customer in any way possible” attitude.

You guys are unbelievably awesome. I am way more than satisified with your prices, merchandise, and customer service. The best thing is truly your close and open communication with the customer, and your striving to give the customer what they need at the best price. I will recommend you to everyone (have already mentioned your name to several people)…
— Wendy

Other Testimonials

…By the way, just so you know, you guys are by FAR the cheapest sticker printers by a magnitude which means a lot to us as a little nonprofit on a little budget. And you’re a local company which is awesome. And the stickers are always beautiful. So please know you are appreciated. Big ups from the south!
— Sarah from StreetRoots.org
We are SO loving the revesal of ink on the Moto Rooster, and the World in Your Ear looks great too. Can’t wait to see the stickers when they’re done.

Your suggestions have been fantastic, and I have to say that I am a HUGE stickler for customer service, and you have been top notch! We don’t have a website, otherwise I’d totally link you guys... maybe some day.
— Maya, Red Rooster Records
I just wanted to thank you guys for the great job on the shirts and stickers seatthole did for Diggity Designs... It was very easy to order and communicate with you.. I will be ordering from you guys again in the future..
— Damon - Diggity Designs
Thanks again for the great job you all do. This week we had coffee cups and mugs come in with bad printing and inverted logos. Then we checked out the posters for this big advertising campaign we are a part of and our logo was inverted on that as well. It was nice to expect this order to be waiting for me when I came in today and be 100% confident that when I opened the box everything would be A-OK and it was!
— Benjamin Zeman - Mocha Joe's Roasting Co.
i just got my stickers in the mail. i would just like to thank you on doing a great job with them , they are perfect and i couldn’t ask for anything more. and for a great price too! i will definitely be coming back to you whenever Cunningham Lane needs any merchandise.

thanks to you and your crew
— Gabe Nardin - Cunningham Lane
I would like to say that you are by far the most helpful and friendly company I have come to. I love it...
— Adam - Endless
Dude....the shirts are here and they’re fantastic. I know how much work that is, and they’re very well done.
You guys rock
Thanks a million
— Marty, Soroptimists
I just wanted to send an email thanking you guys for such a quick turn-around at an unbeatable price. Then I want to thank you again for such a quality product. You guys are the best anyone here has ever dealt with and you will definitely have all of our future business. Thanks for everything.
— Spin The Fly
Thank you for all your help. The Shirts look Awesome!!!

We are very impressed with how much you communicated with us. Your prices can’t be beat, the quality of the shirts are just like the band shirts being pressed for Hot Topic. Plus you got the shirts to us very quickly.

Most of all, your customer service, has most definitely made us decided to order our next shirts through Seathole again.
— Misty Honsi - The Scooterz
I love you guys

I’ve ordered from you on two occasions and the service is incredible.

Django has always gone out of his way to make sure that you are comfortable and happy with your order. In a world of numbskulls without customer service skills, this is refreshing. Your prices are among the best and the website is fun and easy to navigate. I’ll be placing another order soon.

Thanks for everything
— Kristn - KissKillDestroyer
The shipment arrived today and the shirts look great. Thanks so much for all the extra quoting, e-mailing and rushing. I am so pleased with this experience and look forward to working with you again soon.
— Anita Bestirs - Pine Box Boys
I got the stickers and they are awsome..Thnx for doing a good job...We will be talking again soon...
— Jordan - F.A.T Sticker
About Shirt Printing, and this goes out to bands who might be reading this:
Every so often you come across a company that absolutely does right by you. It’s not just quality, or customer service, it’s just overall vibe. You just get this sense that you found someone to be a part of your team.

That’s what I found in Seatthole Shirts, the company who is now doing my shirts. I was blown away not only by their shirts and printing, but also their relaxed attitude, their knowledge and helpfulness and the overall way they treated me as a customer. You can search high and low for other companies if you’d like, but PLEASE let me help you cut to the chase:

Seatthole shirts are the way to go. I have honestly never recommended a company so highly.

Remember to tell Django (the owner) that Chance sent you, ok?
— Chance and the Choir
Hey just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The t-shirts rock, you guys rock and the quick turn-around was awsome!

Thanks again.

We’ll be back.
— Avalon - Genuine Article
I just got the shirts this morning and I am so happy with them! They look great, I recieved them two days earlier than expected, and working with you has been nothing short of amazing! You are a great businessman who’s friendly and cares about the customer as well as the product. I will absolutely recommend your company to others, and you can expect that I will be doing more business with you in the future.

Thanks Again,
— Andy Fong - Golding Hall
I got my order today. They look wonderful! I’ll be placing another order with you in May. Thank you so much.
— Courtney - half marathon
Also, please know that if I find anyone who needs shirts/stickers/buttons done, I will suggest your company far above anyone else.
— Eric Hartford - Cyclone City
We’ve received several compliments on the printing quality of our tees.

You guys really did a great job!
— Aimee - 28-200
I wanted to take just a moment to tell you how satisfied I was/am with the t-shirts your printed. Your price was so good that I was a little worried about quality. However, the quality was supreme. Everything was just as it was supposed to be and I couldn’t have been happier with the product. Beautiful printing. Further more, you not met my deadline, but were a few days early allowing me more options for shipping them on to my father in law. So, a great experience with your company and should I want to do something similar, I’ll certainly look to you.
— Garth Webb - the big cheese
I want to start out by saying that working with you has been incredibly easy and enjoyable. Not only was the customer service great, the response time prompt, and the ability to work together to finally get the shirt design rolling, but the shirts look AMAZING! The image is crisp and the T’s are of great quality. I will definetely be referring my succesors of the tournament to you!
— Travis Greenwood - Survivor